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    Train trouble (Weekly Update #16)

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    Train trouble (Weekly Update #16) Empty Train trouble (Weekly Update #16)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:04 pm

    I had a lot trouble getting home today. Unbelievable how wrong everything can go in one day. Oh well. Sad

    study Overview of Updates:
    - Finished Hamelin map and Rose Castle (outside)
    - Combining tilesets and tile edits
    - Wrote three side-quests

    Idea Stuff to be done next week (hopefully):
    - Continue writing in Celtx
    - (Continue) Mapping Rose Castle (inside), Lycus' house, Bremen
    - Make facesets for lol! and edit battler
    - Remap Bedburg, Crossroads, Bluebeard's Villa (as in make them bigger)
    - Resprite Pinocchio
    - Make poses for certain sprites

    frog prince Fairytale of the Week:
    The Story of the Youth who went forth to learn Fear
    I actually had read a longer version of this before as a youth novel. It's called 'Jan Zonder Vrees', which would be (in English) 'Jack Without Fear'. He overcomes the most scary things and never actually gets frightened. At the end of the novel he marries a woman and actually gets scared of her. In Grimm's fairytale, the princess he marries cleverly uses cold water to make her husband shiver. I personally like the novel's ending more, because of everyone else's reactions. This story will be mentioned in the game as a legend among townfolk, but I can't see anything else in it.

    Train trouble (Weekly Update #16) Siggiestarstream
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