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    GMD May Start (Weekly Update #25)

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    GMD May Start (Weekly Update #25) Empty GMD May Start (Weekly Update #25)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Fri May 09, 2014 4:27 am

    Survived my first week of GMD. ^^ The game is definitely progressing!

     study Overview of Updates:
    - Mapped 3 maps.
    - Redid/Edited 13 maps.
    - Playtested and bug squashing
    - Evented a cutscene. (Remember I said, I had finished all cutscenes necessary for the demo, turns out I hadn't, but now I have!)
    - Added Zeriab's Anti-Lag script
    - Added Bigace's Biography script. Still need to input most biographies though.
    - Swapped Amaranth's Journal script for Zeriab's Questbook, as it's more visual now. All the quests currently evented were added as well.
    - Added Emoticon Balloon script. Now I can have those emoticon balloons show up during events.
    - Made icons to go with the Questbook. They still need some polishing.

     Idea Stuff to be done (hopefully):
    - Map 12 indoors.
    - Sprite or find sprites for 10 characters.
    - Write out/Event some side quests.
    - Write out biographies.
    - Add NPC's.

     frog prince Fairytale of the Week:
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Oh this tale won't be in this game, Snow White's parents will be though. The reason I'm posting about is mostly because I ordered Disney's Snow White's dress (as well as Elsa's dress, but hey I already talked about The Snow Queen before). Did you know that Disney's Snow White is only 14 years old during the movie? In the real fairy tale, I read that she was even younger (12 or 13 if I remember correctly). Anyway, when I first started on Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? I figured it woudn't take as long as it has taken so far, so I planned some ideas for a "sequel", even a "special"! One of the ideas for a sequel besides this weird Alice in Wonderland game (which I had actually started making back then, but I've since lost my files), there was an idea for a Snow White game. What I had thought up was pretty ridiculous, so I would have to rewrite, but yeah, who knows? Let's first focus on finishing Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? though.

    GMD May Start (Weekly Update #25) Siggiestarstream
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