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    Let's Play (Weekly Update #23)

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    Let's Play (Weekly Update #23) Empty Let's Play (Weekly Update #23)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:06 am

    And with that I mean that I've been watching Let's Plays this week. I'm watching one right now even, it's called Rule of Rose. But the one I've enjoyed the most (besides the Bioshock Infinite DLC and the new Walking Dead episodes) is The Wolf Among Us. It has fairy tale characters in modern New York, so it's very interesting to see. Also, the main chacater is a reformed "Big Bad Wolf". So yeah, totally did not procastinate. Razz

     study Overview of Updates:
    - Wrote cutscenes for a side quest and came up with two other side quests as well
    - Reduced my castle town map. It wasn't as much as my farm town, but I still was able to reduce it and it looks a lot better. I've just been thinking of maybe changing some of the wall tiles, so they are not all white. Meh, I'll leave that for after the demo.
    - Sprited the three little piglets. I sprited a walking pig before, but I still had to give them some clothes. I think I'll release some of them.

     Idea Stuff to be done (hopefully):
    - Map 16 indoors.
    - Sprite or find sprites for 10 characters.
    - Event the last three scenes of the first main quest.
    - Event some side quests. You won't be able to finish all the ones you start in the demo, as certain places will simply not be available in the demo.

     frog prince Fairytale of the Week:
    It was incredibly difficult coming up with a fairytale this week, as I'd already done the ones I was thinking about. Anyway, Allerleirauh is a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. It is basically the German version of Donkeyskin. As I mentioned above, I've been watching a LP of The Wolf Among Us and Allerleirauh plays a part in the first episode. It's quite coincidental as I read the story only a few weeks before. I even made the dresses she wears as tiles for in my game. You can find them here if you want.

    Let's Play (Weekly Update #23) Siggiestarstream
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