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    Hanami (Weekly Update #22)

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    Hanami (Weekly Update #22) Empty Hanami (Weekly Update #22)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:40 pm

    My week to work was very short, only four days, which is why there's not a lot of stuff done this week as much as I had hoped. (Also, technically I'm too late with this update as it's 2 April 1 am in the morning already). My parents's visit to Japan went very well, though I'm glad they're back to Belgium again. It gave me a lot of stress taking care of everything for them and preparing the whole trip.
    As it's spring in Japan now, the blossoms are blooming and I went hanami viewing today. Afterwards, I watched a movie with friends (which is why my update is late). Anyway on to the actual update now:

     study Overview of Updates:
    - Sprited the Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. It's an edit of the RTP fairy, but the wings animation confused me greatly and I had to ask someone else's opinion about it. Also, took me a while to figure how I wanted her to look. I decided to mix up the Brothers Grimm (mother) and Perrault's (fairy godmother) version and make the Fairy Godmother Cinderella's mother's spirit.
    - Made one interior map. Rouge's hometown has been missing a house for a long time now. When I was writing the main quest down I added in a character (that while was already in game) as a resident of Rouge's village. However, I had finished mapping that village a long while before that, and so the house wasn't added yet. It is now and has an interior.
    - I'm editing my existing maps at the moment. This is my third revision of the maps, but unlike the previous ones where I started from scratch, this time I'm only reducing the size of the map, trying without losing any of the content. This progress takes a long time and spent a whole day on reducing Rouge's village map from 50x50 to 40x40. It looks a lot better now though. I've also reduced some interiors, though those are of course much easier as they are smaller.

     Idea Stuff to be done (hopefully):
    - Finish reducing my castle town map. I've started on it today, but I still have lots of empty space. Guess I'll be moving around a few things tomorrow.
    - Map 16 indoors. As you might notice the number has come down from 25 to 16, even though I only mapped one indoor (and I actually forgot to count that one  Embarassed ). These maps will not be accessible during the demo anyway, which is why I'm scrapping them for later.
    - Sprite or find sprites for 13 characters. (Note: 9 of them are not needed for the demo.)

     frog prince Fairytale of the Week:
    The Steadfast Tin Soldier
    I didn't actually read any fairytales this week, as I forgot to bring my book with me on my travels. (Would have been nice to have on the plane or in the airport :/) However, as I was editing one of my indoor maps, I was able to insert a reference to Hans Christian Andersen's The Steadfast Tin Soldier. It was a story that was included in my big fairy tale book and like the original Little Mermaid it has a sad ending. Admittely I haven't tried reading the Original version of this tale yet, but considering the one I read as a child was already very sad, they might have actually not changed that one? Guess I'll know when I finally start on his complete work. (On another note I'm halfway on the Brothers Grimm's ones.)

    Hanami (Weekly Update #22) Siggiestarstream
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