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    Fairytale Themed Resources (in progress)

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    Fairytale Themed Resources (in progress)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:43 pm

    'Cause you know, I'm a big fairytale fan and I'd love it if other people make awesome games about fairytales as well.

    Janai's Genie facesets and portraits
    Alice in Wonderland:
    Archeia's portrait
    Janai's Mad Hatter faceset and portrait,
    RYOU MIZUKI's portraits, facesets and sprites,

    Little Red Riding Hood:
    The Little Mermaid:
    Konoe's mermaid portraits and facesets,
    Soramani's mermaid portrait,

    Aitii's RTP Prince as a Witch,
    Cocodoco's witch face,
    Kimaila's witch faceset,
    Momope's young witch, Succubus witches, Elf witches and without their ears (all have portraits, facesets and sprites),
    Mine's 2000 witch and male witch portrait and faceset
    Ookie Panda's RTP recolour witch,
    River's White witch and little witch,
    Soramani's ugly witch, Ruka witch portraits andfaceset
    Janai's Genie sprites
    Alice in Wonderland:
    Cocodoco's Alice inspired sprites, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Janai's Mad Hatter, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Lune/Royal Sin's Alice Human Sacrifice sprites (under Chars Menschen) and Alice in Wonderland sprites (under Chars Monster & Fantasy), [XP, RTP]
    MJ's Alice sprite, [VX(Ace), MACK]
    RYOU MIZUKI's portraits, facesets and sprites, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Hansel and Grethel:
    Venere and Marte's Hansel sprite and Grethel sprite, [VX(Ace), MACK]

    Little Red Riding Hood:
    Venere and Marte's sprite,  [VX(Ace), MACK]
    Chocomint's sprites (with down poses, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Janai's wolf sprites, killer Little Red Riding Hood sprite [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Mine's sprite, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    slimmmeiske2's old sprite, [XP, RTP]
    Saphire's blond with hood and basket, brunette with hood and basket, [XP, RTP]
    Toumomo's Red Riding Hood sprite [XP, Looseleaf]
    Vitamindog's white wolf sprite, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:
    Konoe's Magic Mirror, [VX(Ace)]

    The Little Mermaid:
    Dilsena's mermaid and merman base, [VX(Ace), Looseleaf]
    Incerta's Japanese mermaid, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Konoe's mermaid sprites, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    PandaMaru's mermaid base, mermaid sprite and mermaid on a rock, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Rostofoudo/Sundriveplus's mermaid sprites and another mermaid, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Sithjester's human Ariel, [XP, RTP]
    slimmmeiske2's Disney mermaid sprites, [XP, RTP]
    Tatanya's mermaid sprites, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    尾羽の小屋's mermaid sprites, [original]
    優男's mermaid sprite, [2000, RTP]
    無花果's mermaid sprites, [2000, RTP]

    Aitii's RTP Prince as a Witch, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Cocodoco's witch (also flying) sprite, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Mastima's RTP recolour witches, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Momope's young witch, Succubus witches, Elf witches and without their ears (all have portraits, facesets and sprites), [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Mine's male witch, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Ookie Panda's RTP recolour witch, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    River's White witch, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Saiki no omocha's Ugly witches, [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Soramani's Ruka witch sprite (flying as well), [VX(Ace), RTP]
    Alice in Wonderland:
    Block Check's Card Tiles
    Hansel and Grethel:
    Kimaila's Candy tiles

    Venere and Marte's Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood:
    Thalzon's Wolf battlers (under beasts),
    PandaMaru's Wolf(Member+)
    KREY's Wolf
    Anextension's RTP witch battler

    Fairytale Forest Keeper
    Fairytale Forest Keeper

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