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    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition

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    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Empty [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition

    Post by Lignorice on Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:54 pm

    After my failed project, this is the new one. Almost released the demo, that's why I post it here.

    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Banner_zps11429846

    Creator : Lignorice (I made this alone)
    Genre : Romance, Fantasy, RPG
    Rating : 13+, contains some harsh words like "brat" or "bastard" (sorry it's not really friendly - if it's forbidden to post a game like this, tell me and I won't use that words in my game).

    Story :

    Tells the story of Fecrix Santogio, who lost his life's meaning after lost all of his family during the war. He's the good friend of Liano, the second prince, who has more-or-less condition with him (but different reason). His wish, which he never think it can come true is become an immortal, because he feared death for most. But it all changed when he met Corhelle, a mysterious man in his dreams, which oddly helps him to make that wish come true.

    Characters :

    1. [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Face2_zps5ecdbf18

    An 18 years old boy who lost his life's meaning. The main character of the story.

    2. [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Lievra_zps594d4502

    A mysterious girl who lack of grammar in her speaking. Very possessive with his brother. And her words are strange..

    3. [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Croxe_zps2b92030b

    Lievra's brother. He looks like he can't reject any wish from her sister because of a reason.

    4. [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Klav1_zps33c02a80

    Krea's childhood friend. He looks like a mature man who can think straight.

    5. [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Krea_zps9af5b61e
    A researcher from Neretia. She's searching the fact if there is immortal. Trust strangers base on her feeling about the person.

    Screenshots :
    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition AA-SS1_zps019b9514

    A screenshot inside a house

    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition DizzyMap_zps866356ad

    A forest map. Makes me dizzy when I see it again (And make me wonder how I made it earlier  Laughing )

    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition SS8_zps5b8519d2

    A dungeon map (I don't want to spoil actually where is that LOL). Tiring to make that one.

    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition SS9_zps55e1d9f8

    Why is he precious? Wait for the full game then  Very Happy 

    Features (so far):

    1. Two endings (It's like two story in one game)
    2. Two girls to get (Base on the path which you choose)
    3. Quest Journal - Helps you to remember the progress.
    4. The demo will release soon, wait for it!

    This game is made in English

    Credits : (So far)

    1. Graphic Resources :
    2. Audio Resources :
    Enterbrain, Kevin MacLeod, Aaron Krogh
    3. Scripts :
    Enterbrain, modern algebra, TheoAllen, Victor Sant, VM of DT, Yanfly, Tsukihime

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    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Empty Re: [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:27 pm

    Woot! Good luck on the game, Lignorice! It sound really interesting Smile

    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Siggiestarstream
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    Fairytale Forest Keeper

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    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Empty Re: [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition

    Post by Lignorice on Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:18 am

    @slim : Thanks  Very Happy  Good luck with yours too  Wink 

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    [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition Empty Re: [VXA] Arvaein - Ambition

    Post by Sponsored content

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