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    April GMD over, May GMD starting (Weekly Update #19)

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    April GMD over, May GMD starting (Weekly Update #19)

    Post by slimmmeiske2 on Thu May 09, 2013 2:48 pm

    Yow guys, I totally forgot to have weekly updates during the GMD, but this one was a lot tougher than the February one, so I'm just going to blame it on that.
    Anyway, I signed up for another GMD (why did I do that again?) but not daily anymore. I've got exams coming up next month, so I need more time to study. And the last week of the GMD was so hard >.>, I'm going to enjoy having some days off.

    I'll try to remember to add a weekly update this GMD. (It helps me keep track of what I still need to do.)

    studyOverview of Updates:
    - Wrote the rest of the Main Quest
    - Wrote three side-quests
    - Remapped Bedburg, The Bold Knight's Crossroads, Malpertuus and part of Bluebeard's Villa
    - Mapped Poor Hamelin and the Farm
    - Started making a Gingerbread House (tile)
    - Edited Hamelin map
    - Sprited a witch, servants (male and female) for the Rose Castle, prince Beau, Gerda and Kay
    - Made Yellow brickroad (tile)
    - Edited seven interiors
    - Added icons as signs
    - Recoloured/edited RTP sprites for Bedburg characters

    IdeaStuff to be done next week (hopefully):
    - Continue writing sidequests in Celtx
    - Continue spriting Princess Margaret
    - (Continue) Mapping Rose Castle (inside)
    - Map Bremen, Pinocchio's Lawyer Office, Bluebeard's Villa (parts still missing)
    - Remap Aladdin's and library (again)
    - Resprite Pinocchio
    - Make (poses for) certain sprites
    - Make facesets for  lol! and  lol!
    - Find suitable town music (and insert them in game)
    - Find sound effects

    frog princeFairytale of the Week:
    The Six Swans
    Which is a lot like The Seven Ravens really. The only difference is that in case of the Seven Ravens the curse was more of an accident, while in the Six Swans it was meant to happen. In the version I read one of the princes when transformed (from swans) back to theirselves, still had a swan wing. Someone said they had read one where the one with the swan wing was the princess. That's highly possible of course, after all there are a lot of different fairy tales out there. But I'll keep the swan wing prince. (Well, I still need to make him though.)

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